Things You Need to Know

Things you need to know covers all of the little things that other stores overlook -- and we put importance to.

Like any hobby or job, there are always little things that get overlooked or not mentioned until after the fact. These are the things we want you to be aware of, that are often overlooked. 

Overlooked Information

We like to say it's all about the information, as apposed to the proper product. Although the proper product is important, it is often the information that goes with it, or that is not explained or known, that creates the successes and failures of indoor gardening.

This information, along with all of the other information we have provided throughout our website, should help you realize that we know our stuff and we share it! With us, you not only get great products at fair prices, you get the information and knowledge that goes with it. Remember, online stores are for making money, not providing information. Online stores make money for the owners, and information creates success for the growers. 

It's All About Information

We provide the information that is important to you. To give you the piece of mind that you are dealing with a company that knows growing and cares about its customers.

Do you have plants that are covered with bugs? Not all bugs are bad, find out the difference here. Do you have weak looking plants? Is it a deficiency or is it a disease? The answers here. Are there steps I can take to prevent plant diseases and deficiencies? The answer are here.

That's right, not all bugs are bad bugs.
Visit our good bugs and bad bugs pages to help you know which is which. Then call our knowledgeable staff and have them explain all of the reasons you should introduce good bugs to all of your growing projects.